The Wines


Cattleya OrchidIn 2011, when I began to produce my own wine under the Cattleya label, my dreams became reality. Today, California is my home and also the land that gifts me with the fruit for the wines I handcraft every day.

Why the name Cattleya? In November 1936 Cattleya Trinae was selected as the national flower of Colombia, my native country. This particular flower is the ultimate expression of dedication and beauty. Hence its reputation:

“Rare, Beautiful, Queen of the Orchids.”

Cattleya wines are made with fruit sourced from unique and remarkable sites, farmed by exceptional viticulturists and talented crews of vineyard workers who unwaveringly produce the best possible fruit. In Cattleya, my dream to craft wines that will touch your soul as well as your palette are realized – as they become part of your everyday life.

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My philosophy is simple: To produce unique wines of extreme purity, power and finesse.

As I begin any winemaking journey, I instinctively go back to the farming itself. Looking back, I now appreciate the value of having been trained first as a viticulturist. It was surely the most valuable and humbling lesson I received in my years in France. Through rigorous training and endless days of physical work, I understood from very early on that unique wines can only come from vineyards where the growers will never compromise on how much or how hard they will work their vines.

Wine Sampling from Aging Barrel

My winemaking approach?

These wines are literally handmade.

Complexity in the aromatics and texture on the mouth feel are my hallmarks. I craft my wines with a long finish that develops in the mid-palate with ample generosity. I pay no attention to “numbers,” so for me, alcohol levels are not a goal to achieve (either above or below a certain number). I also believe that each vintage should say something new, so I allow and expect myself to be surprised every year – and hope you are, too.

From a personal level, as to how I approach winemaking, there are three pillars holding the foundation: I combine the exact and rigorous training in making wine that I learned in France, utilizing a more free (Latin) emotional approach to life that I experienced growing up in Colombia and add to that 10 years of experience making wine in California.