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Sonoma and Napa

  • Evocative, silky Russian River Pinot Noir at its finest.
  • As headily-scented as a basket of berries, with all the purity and focus expected of an exquisite Pinot Noir.
  • A sophisticated Chardonnay which playfully teases the palate.
  • This wine will top any fine Chardonnay lover’s list.

I am dedicated to the land where grapevines take root. My training in France and my obsession with detail can be tasted in each of the wines I create. I invite you to take the first step into my world. Prepare yourself to experience intensity, precision, and elegance, balanced by power and texture;  these are the traits which are most important to me.

My numbered cuvées reflect the stories behind the wines, and also indicate you are tasting one of my appellation blends. These are wines which come together in a synergy of different vineyard lots and clones.



Under the Appellation Blends, we focus on 2 varietals: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Originally from Burgundy, these two grapes have become the origin of iconic wines coveted around the world. Cattleya focus on showcasing their finicky nature throughout the North Coast of California. Enjoy them as we blend different sites, with the intent to showcase beauty, power, and finesse. Our appellation blends are still very small bottlings, limited to 350 cases max production a year.


Cuvée Number Five

Ah, the Pacific Coast! It’s a place of almost otherworldly beauty, where my thoughts drift to daydreaming about clusters of grapes as I drive down the winding roads. The dense fog, the ocean, the salty breeze, all of these are elements which impact the vibrancy, minerality, and precision of this Sonoma Coast wine.

I have been waiting for a while, to produce a blend with Sonoma Coast fruit that would capture the essence of the cooling influence of the ocean proximity, revealing complexity, acidity, minerality and longevity. Chardonnay is a special varietal. It seduces with its complex array of flavors and texture. This wine evokes pure lemon meringue pie with intense acidity and a long, persistent finish.

Our Cuvée Number Five is composed of different vineyards influenced by the cooling effect of the coastal fog and multiple clones.

Pinot Noir

Cuvée Number One

My first vintage of Cuvée Number One was back in 2014. A perfect vintage to start making an appellation blend. That year saw bountiful, beautiful fruit.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk vineyards, allowing my mind to fly to places where I visualize the process of transforming the fruit into wine. Then, when the harvest is all over, and the wine sits quietly in barrels, each clone, block, vineyard site is left alone to achieve its magical balance of aromas, flavors, and texture. For this specific Cuvée, each small lot was harvested at night on September 14th and September 23rd. Upon delivery to the winery, each cluster was carefully hand sorted and de-stemmed in the cool, dawn hours of the day, then transferred to small, stainless steel open-top tanks for native fermentation. After ten days of cold-soaking, fermentation then began with twice daily gentle punch-downs by hand in order to extract the deep color, focused flavors, and notable structure of the wine. After more than 3 weeks in tank, the wine was transferred to 45% new French oak barrels, where full malolactic fermentation took place. This final blend of 42% clone 115, 28% Pommard, 21% clone 777, and 9% clone 667 was bottled unfined and unfiltered in September, 2020.

This wine explodes with red fruit aromas with a full body in the mouth and soft texture contributing to the long, lingering finish. A wine to enjoy in its youth but if you’re patient, it will age gracefully for the next 5 to 10 years.