Bibiana’s Consulting

My thoughts about being a Winemaking Consultant


I used to think that by learning the most minuscule details about winemaking, I would create amazing wines. I came to understand that it is much more: the experience, the vineyards, the place and who you are as a person and a winemaker … this is what gives wine its soul.











My dream had always been to create my own wine and label. Following 15 years of making wine for others, my dream was realized in 2012 with the formation of Cattleya Wines and starting my own winemaking consulting practice.

As a consulting winemaker, I naturally focus my energies on wineries wanting to produce only the finest. I have came to the conclusion that all those years of vineyard training in France have given me the tools to understand the needs of each terroir, so I decided to focus my attention on refining the vineyards first, then to continue the process in the cellar. In 2012, Jayson Pahlmeyer came to me at the perfect time, with a hidden gem waiting to be polished and revealed.

Thus, I started to work exclusively for Wayfarer Vineyards. Wayfarer is a very special vineyard born 14 years ago when Jayson Pahlmeyer purchased the property. Far out on the remote Sonoma Coast Fort Ross Seaview AVA, this vineyard and handcrafted wines have taken my full attention since the day I visited the site in April of 2012.

I am personally aligned with Wayfarer’s vision statement:

To craft truly exceptional wines, you must journey to the edge.

As the Vineyard Manager and Winemaker for this project, I know each block, rootstock and clone intimately and attend to them carefully. Over time, and with preparation and understanding, I have come to know how to respond to each of their needs and character. It goes beyond data and details— there is a feeling—a relationship I have developed with the vineyard that produces the magical result of exceptional wines.

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